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Vishwakirti Agritourism
At- Wade Gavhan, Near Shirur, Pune-Nagar Road, Tal- Parner, Dist- Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
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Plan for Best Place for One Day Picnic... One Day of Full Enjoyment... Weekend Gateaway.. One Day in Nature... Team Outing... One and half Hour Journey from pune... Where you enjoy Swimming pool, Horse Riding, Camp Fire, Nembaji, Boating, Bullock Cart Ride, Farming, Rain Dance, Bird Watching, Tractor Ride, Beautiful Lake, Delicious Food, Handmade Shopping, Healthy Environment. We also have Conference Hall, Return Gift for overnight packages. Vishwakirti Agritourism, to spend a day with Nature. Everybody is looking for a break from the hectic routine of city life. And often it is not possible to take a long vacation. A day trip in rustic village surroundings provides the right change required to rejuvenate and face the city life with a new zeal. Experience the wonders of pollution free air and in the heart of the rustic village life. The concept of agri tourism is a direct expansion of ecotourism, which encourages visitors to experience agricultural life at first hand. Including fairs and festivals. Other possibilities still offer potential for development. In India small farm center has developed a Vishwakirti agri tourism database that “provides visitors and potential entrepreneurs with information about existing agri tourism locations throughout the state. “Agri tourism projects reinforce what need to support local growers and sources and allow the visitors to experience what it is to be part of the land…. “The publication promoting tourism in rural India explains the need for planning and marketing your rural community and weighing the pros and cons of tourism. According to the publication, local citizen participation is helpful and should be include in starting any kind of a tourism program. Citizen participation in planning tourism can contribute to building a successful program that enhances the community. Agricultural tourism is the holidays concept of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural, for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or active involvement in the activities of the farm.